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Baseball Hall of Fame: Meet the top seven new candidates on the 2018 ballot


Chances are, Trevor Hoffman and Vladimir Guerrero will both be elected to the Hall of Fame next January, when the class of 2018 is announced. Hoffman was only five votes shy of the necessary 75 percent this time around, and Guerrero was only 15 votes short.

But what about the newbies? This next group of first-time-eligible players includes a couple of likely inductees, a couple of stars with sneaky-good cases and at least one player who promises to spark lots of discussion.

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Every interview I went to there was some board work or they pull up your film and have you walk through what is this play, what’s your job and what’s the rest of the line’s job, Ramczyk said. They’ll go through protections and things like that.

Ramczyk’s arm length is 33? inches, which is only considered average for left tackles, who must extend to handle opposing pass rushers (although his hand size of 10 7/8 should mitigate some of those concerns). Ramczyk also might not be cleared to participate in any pre-draft drills while he recovers from January hip surgery, which could add to concerns from clubs that he was a one-hit wonder at Wisconsin.