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There are reasons to believe the jump in scoring is a random, self-correcting blip


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We’ve also hit a rare point at which no one is tanking. Add a few self-saboteurs to the mix, and the league’s overall scoring average might drop toward normalcy. (That is uncertain, since the other teams might puff up their own scoring numbers by blowing away the tank brigade.)

In other words: There are reasons to believe the jump in scoring is a random, self-correcting blip.

Wall did not play in two of the games in which the Wizards dropped below 56 percent assist rate, which points to a second issue with the Wizards, one that compounds the first. The Wizards’ bench plays very little. Washington’s starters all average over 30 minutes per game – of the 143 players in the NBA averaging between 20 and 30 minutes a game this season, none play for the Wizards). No Wizards reserve has a value over replacement player that is positive.

Not only are there no real contributors coming off the bench, none of them have assist rates above 20 percent. When Wall is on the floor, the Wizards have an assist rate of 59 percent, and that drops to 49 percent when he is off. None of the players coming off the bench with more than 300 minutes have a team-level assist rate over 55 percent — when Wall is out of the game, the ball really doesn’t move.

The Wizards need to find a way to keep the ball moving more consistently on offense, and that likely means finding a backup point guard who can run an offense and minimize the isolations.

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