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LeBron ran the East much like Capone once ran Chicago.


First with the Miami Heat and then with the Cleveland Cavaliers, James greedily took all the East’s trips into June since 2010. Eight straight East titles certainly qualify as a basketball dictatorship as James’ teams kept the rest of the East from Finals runs.
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The last non-LeBron team from the East to reach The Finals was the 2010 Boston Celtics. Only three players Authentic Chuck Klein Jersey from those Celtics played in the NBA last season and Rajon Rondo, one of that triumvirate, is on his fifth team since after signing with the Lakers this summer.

When Mayfield calls out Cowherd for suggesting he’s a bad teammate — something his Oklahoma teammates would undoubtedly, emphatically deny — the Fox Sports host starts backtracking.

LAS VEGAS — When LeBron James announced his plans to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, traffic stopped in LA and not for the usual reasons. That news was madly celebrated in that city … although not quite to the degree it shook Boston, Washington, Toronto and other NBA destinations on the East coast.

Yes, the Lakers are happy. But an entire conference is downright delirious. Finally free from LeBron Lockdown, the Eastern Conference is feeling emancipated and flush with opportunity. The King is gone, which is another way of saying the cat’s away and everyone else finally has a chance to play.

Oh, it’s wide open now, said Washington Wizards forward Otto Porter Jr., his eyes and smile swelling simultaneously. Like, definitely wiiide open.

A lot of teams are thinking, ‘Hey, why not us?’ There’s a lot of that going on.

Here they have made a huge risk in trading for me, knowing I have one year on my deal, George says of the Thunder. But I felt I didn’t finish as strong as I could have. Just knowing you left something on the table, even to this point now, it weighs on me.

In Tuesday’s first episode, George says Chris Jones Jersey he’ll pick the front office that gives his team the best chance to win.