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Brent Celek visiting the Lions


Lions coach Matt Patricia got a close look at the Eagles offense during the Super Bowl, so it makes sense he admires it.

Nelson has a couple of connections with the Raiders. General Manager Reggie McKenzie was a longtime personnel exec in Green Bay before heading to Oakland and Raiders receivers coach Edgar Bennett held the same job with the Packers from 2011 to 2014.

If the Raiders do agree to a deal with Nelson, they are expected to release wide receiver Michael Crabtree. That move would create just over $7.7 million in cap space for Oakland.

The Jets have plenty of salary cap space to sign Suh (about $20 million). But he just turned 31, so he might not fit their getting-younger rebuilding plan. Can he still be an elite player??

Plus, Suh doesn’t exactly have a reputation of being a team-first player. Is that the type of presence the Jets need in their young, impressionable locker room? Would Suh perform well enough to justify the risk for some of the nonsense he might bring? After all, the Jets just cut a negative locker room influence, defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson.?

Mauro signed a one-year contract reportedly worth $880,000, which seemed like a bargain considering it only counts for $720,000 against the salary cap under the Minimum Salary Benefit. The cash portion of the contract actually is even smaller because he loses game checks while on suspension, though it doesn’t change the salary cap hit.

But now it is clear Mauro didn’t have much leverage at the negotiating table. The Giants were aware a suspension might be looming before signing the fifth-year defensive end, NJ Advance Media has learned.

It takes a decision maker with conviction to make a selection like this.I’ve seen a long list of businesses opposing this, but I haven’t seen a long list of businesses saying,’Next week we’re going to start allowing men into the ladies bathroom our restaurant, our school.’ Let’s see them stand up and say,’We actually support boys and girls using the shower the 1oth grade,’ added.I know you guys think it’s better now and you should.

The Bears told Sitton that they would decline their option on his contract for the 2018 season in February. Sitton said at the time that he believes he has several “prime years” left with his 32nd birthday coming in June.49ers_072

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