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Dirk Nowitzki calls workplace misconduct allegations against Mavericks ‘heartbreaking’


“It’s very disappointing,” Dirk Nowitzki said of the SI report of an alleged hostile Mavericks workplace for women. “It’s heartbreaking. I’m glad it’s all coming out.” Jerome Miron/USA TODAY Sports

The Sports Illustrated story quoted one former female staffer as saying that the team’s actual locker room was a refuge from the locker room culture elsewhere in the organization.

But it was more telling in the sense that he predicted that the team he would be on would win the Super Bowl — and he was right.

After Trey Burton got the football, he threw a perfect pass to Foles. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise, considering Burton played quarterback while at Florida:

It was more than just the touchdown reception, though. Foles’ catch came after the Patriots tried a similar play, and Brady was unable to make the grab:

It’s hard to say whether or not that was intentional, but either way, it certainly sent a message that the Eagles were here. It put them up 22-12, a lead that they would take into halftime.

Owens was never going to be cleared to play in the game. It’s incredible that he even stepped on the field, but the volume in which he played is one of the more impressive parts of the game.

Out of 72 offensive snaps, Owens played in 62 of them. In those 62 snaps that he played, he caught nine passes for 122 yards on 14 targets, the most of any player in the game.

Randall Gay and Asante Samuel both had the opportunity to cover Owens during the game, and couldn’t believe how sharp he was.

The American men were ousted from the tournament on Wednesday, ending an unlikely bid for a medal (before the tournament, the online sportsbook Bovada set Team USA’s odds at 10-1, which put it sixth in the book). After their loss to the Czech Republic in the quarterfinals, the players have dispersed. Jordan Greenway, for example, is expected to be in the Boston University lineup on Friday night, when the Terriers play Vermont. U.S. captain Brian Gionta will talk to NHL teams about a contract. (Will he have any takers?)49ers_007

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