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Atlanta’s first offensive possession was the only one that went well


It was an eventful first half for the Packers, but an uneventful half for their punter. The Packers managed to score on every possession of the first half, though to be fair to the Falcons, they did manage to hold the Packers to a field goal on one of the drives. But the Falcons couldn’t keep up offensively, and Green Bay took a dominant 31-7 lead into the half.

The Packers went 81 yards on seven plays (James Starks touchdown), 80 yards on 13 plays (Eddie Lacy touchdown), 63 yards on 12 plays (Mason Crosby field goal), 15 yards on four plays (Lacy touchdown reception, came after a Matt Ryan interception) and 53 yards in eight plays (Jordy Nelson touchdown reception).

Meanwhile, Atlanta’s first offensive possession was the only one that went well. That drive saw them go 72 yards in nine plays, capped off by a Steven Jackson 4-yard touchdown run. While that tied the game at 7-7, they didn’t find that kind of success again for the rest of the half.

Hoyer completed less than 50 percent of his passes, for goodness sake, but we’re supposed to believe that it was all because Gordon was a little out of shape? Come on, bruh!
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Hoyer was terrible plain and simple. And just in case you didn’t watch the game and the close score fooled you, understand that the Browns defense scored two touchdowns all by their damn selves. If they had any help they would have blown the Colts out of the water. Instead not only was Hoyer not a net positive for his team, he actually was a drag on them by missing open receivers and throwing interceptions in the redzone.

Game Youth Reshad Jones Jersey Another reason why the Browns need to make the change is that Hoyer can’t hit a fat bear in the ass with a two-by-four when it comes to deep balls lately. Gordon might be out of shape, but Hoyer overshot him when he had the closest defender beat by five yards off a double move in the third quarter. In the first half, Gabriel had his man by five yards and Hoyer over shot him too. It’s hard to game plan guys open deep by that much in the NFL. Defenses are usually too good to let it happen. When it does happen, a quarterback has to hit those throws. He has to!

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