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Villanova¡¯s Jay Wright cheered up his alma mater, Bucknell, after loss to West Virginia


Bucknell came up short in its bid to upset fourth-seeded West Virginia on Thursday. The Patriot League champs hung tight all afternoon but ultimately couldn¡¯t wrestle away the victory from a powerful Mountaineers team.

Foles, who took over for an injured Vick in Week 6, suffered a concussion during last week’s loss to the Cowboys and is still experiencing symptoms.
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Vick was a full participant in Wednesday’s practice and, according to reports, will get the starting nod on Sunday, barring a setback. If Foles is unable to suit up, rookie Matt Barkley will serve as the primary backup.

Vick won the starting job during the preseason and was off to a good start this year when he tweaked a hamstring scrambling in the first half of the Eagles’ previous win over the Giants. Foles was brilliant in the second half and followed that performance up with a three-touchdown day in a win over the Buccaneers a week later.

Stirrings of a quarterback controversy were beginning to mount in Philly until last Sunday, when Foles’ struggling performance came to an early end after he was concussed late in the third quarter.
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Cleveland will probably keep the No. 1 seed, especially as they¡¯re getting healthier. That leaves the Celtics and the Wizards duking it out for No. 2 and 3 ¡ª and home court advantage in a potential Eastern Conference semifinals series.

“I¡¯m going to bring that up at the next meeting because that was one of the most vicious hits I¡¯ve ever seen,” Shanahan said. “I don¡¯t think I¡¯ve ever seen a guy get hit quite like that ¨C at that speed at 10 yards and Reed just being completely helpless. I think that will be changed for the safety of the players, but that hasn¡¯t been brought up yet.

Is Bouye worth the $67.5 million he’ll be making over the next five years?


Four years and $53 million seems expensive based on Okung’s performance in Denver last year, but if the Chargers can keep him on the field, he can be an effective blocker again.

We don’t usually include players re-signing with their team on this list, but Williams is a useful exception. It looked like he would for sure get away, but the Ravens kept the centerpiece of their defensive line in-house with a five-year$54 million deal with $27.5 million guaranteed. Dontari Poe can expect a similar deal.

It wasn’t cheap, but boy oh boy does the Jacksonville secondary look fun with Bouye paired with Jalen Ramsey. Bouye turns 26 in August and Ramsey turns 23 in October, so the Jaguars don’t look like they’ll be worried about the cornerback position for a long time.

Is Bouye worth the $67.5 million he’ll be making over the next five years? He looked like it in 2016, but that was his only year as a starter.

One man outside of the arena told a local outlet his feelings about waving the flag. It had nothing to do with racial anxiety, he said. It was about cultural and racial identity.

“People tend to mistake this for a race thing. It’s not about race. It’s about history and it being erased. And it is being erased,” a white man said, while wearing sunglasses and a Civil War era infantryman’s cap with a Confederate pin in it.

“You have to go and do your own research on it. Once you start to find out and start to see really why we do this, okay? We’re people, too. We have the right to be the people that we are. We’re not out here causing problems. We’ve never caused a problem in how many years? Three? Trucks running in convoy, hundreds and hundreds of people. We’re people, too.”

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Two chicago blackhawks half receiver sounds bruins points schoop jazz offense visit hired teachers college keep.
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BAY BUCCANEERS centers two four game year city’s nasty late line, averaging 2 6 scoring 1985.
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Rams trade defensive end William Hayes to Dolphins


The Los Angeles Rams traded defensive end William Hayes and a seventh-round draft pick to the Miami Dolphins, the Rams announced early Friday morning. The Rams received the Dolphins’ sixth-round pick.

“Will has been an integral member of our defense since he became a Ram in 2012,” said Rams GM Les Snead. “His passion set the tone for our defense and served as an example for his teammates.”

Now the rain is really coming down. “This weather is a perfect metaphor for being a Redskins fan,” organizer says.

Five fans turned up to the frigid field, including one baby who procured a banana for sustenance during the rally. Fans are irate after the opening day of free agency. The team lost DeSean Jackson, Kirk Cousins hasn’t been signed to a long-term deal, and the organization fired general manager Scot McCloughan — who was leading the turnaround of the franchise.

The Tigers are now taking cues from the rapper Future, who in his newly released album, Future, seems to give Clemson a shout-out in his song “Good Dope.” The lyric, which reads “South Carolina boys, we good in Tampa,” is now being used to market the Tigers’ 35-31 win over Alabama in Tampa. It’s being sent out to recruits, too.

Not to stand on a soapbox here or anything, but this is stuff that few other programs are doing. Sure, the Tigers benefited from having Future mention them in his song, but they took that and then ran with it. This, along with new features like the program’s brand new football facility that houses a slide in the middle of it, is setting Clemson apart. The Tigers are making their own unique brand, and it’s clearly setting them apart.4

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