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Vikings video of ‘Minneapolis Miracle’ will give you goosebumps


The Minnesota Vikings put together an incredible video of the amazing reactions to Sunday’s Minneapolis Miracle. Even those who aren’t fans of the team will find it hard not to get goosebumps when watching the emotional piece.

Larranaga quickly pointed to one stat to explain why: his team’s 26 assists — five more than its previous high — on 34 baskets.

I wish coaching was that easy, because on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, my coaches kept emphasizing to our players: We need more assists, we need more assists, this is how you get them, Larranaga said. And the players listened and executed.

The Hurricanes (14-4, 3-3 Atlantic Coast Conference) came in averaging 67.8 points and shooting 42 percent in five league games, including just 30 percent from 3-point range to rank 14th in the 15-team conference. They blew past all those marks Sunday, from shooting 60 percent after halftime to making 10 of 19 3s for the game.

While Harrison garnered plenty of support, a number of comments were critical of his gun admiration.

This is not necessary!! one Instagram user wrote. What kind of example you’re setting?!..Smh

Dumbass glorifying guns, another user wrote.

Harrison already had been hated on last month for signing with the Patriots just days after his release from the Steelers, though the decision seems to have paid off considering Pittsburgh was upset by Jacksonville in Sunday’s divisional round game.patriots_146_97c00b5d072ee0ae-180x180