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The kids love that stuff.


Here’s an idea: Who needs to see a baseball game live? Just record the game early in the day, and air it at night, with all the dead innings edited out. Play them in the stadium on the video board and triple concession prices. Post-editing can even add cool sound effects and CGI, too. The kids love that stuff.

During my general manager and team president years, I would readily re-sign our older veteran players because we knew them and their ability (and durability) first-hand. But in dealing with free agents or trade prospects from other teams, I always preferred to sign or trade for players coming out of their rookie deals on the theory that they were ascending players in their mid-20s as opposed to older vets who were generally descending talent-wise.
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Not to be age discriminatory, but the fact is that 30-plus-year-old players have a much greater tendency to get hurt and be less productive. Adding off-field concerns into the mix would make such players off limits for me.

When I did go against my age philosophy, it generally was on quarterbacks and kickers, two positions at which seasoned players can excel with a relatively healthy background.
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Jim McMahon, Randall Cunningham and Warren Moon were three 30-plus-year-old quarterbacks we brought to Minnesota in the 1990s. Only McMahon had previous injury issues, but he played well in his one season with us and led the team to the playoffs. Moon and Cunningham also were playoff QBs during their Vikings stints. (Cunningham at 35 was the NFL MVP in our 15-1 season in 1998.) Gary Anderson was among the older kickers we brought to both the Vikings and Titans during the later years of his career.