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Ruth still holds the best WAR (wins above replacement) in MLB history


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What I didn’t do while in the Gallery was take a picture of the plaques honoring Jim Bunning or Rabbit Maranville. Didn’t take a picture of Lloyd Little Poison Waner or Kiki Cuyler or George High Pockets Kelly, either. But they were there in the Gallery. Their plaques were the same size as the ones for Teddy Ballgame and Jackie and Stan the Man and The Say Hey Kid and The Mick.

Look, I understand the importance of the purpose pitch in a baseball game. I do. I have very little problem with a pitcher plunking a hitter on his rump or his thigh or even the small of his back.

If the Red Sox were mad at Machado for a perceived dirty slide, then by all means, they should retaliate in the way baseball players have retaliated for more than a century. It’s the way the game has always been played. Is it ideal? Maybe not. But is a bruise on the butt a major problem? No, it’s not.

Delanie Walker Jersey But stop throwing baseballs at the batters’ heads, dammit. Stop it.

That the game has one of the hottest and most expensive tickets of the season speaks to how beloved The Captain is as the best modern Yankee. But where he does Jeter rank among the single-digit legends in team history?

Ruth still holds the best WAR (wins above replacement) in MLB history. There’s no battle here vs. any other Yankee, even though, you know, he also played for the Red Sox.

Today, and any day, consider The Iron Horse the classiest Yankee to ever grace the face of the earth not named Jeter. Gehrig literally cleaned up behind Ruth, and he was New York through and through.