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The Colorado Avalanche’s season was sad, but their offseason tweets are sadder


The 2016-17 season was one to forget for the Colorado Avalanche. They bowed out of the season with 22 wins and just 48 points on the year, and entertained the idea of trading their biggest stars to kick off a partial rebuild.
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While the Avalanche are done playing hockey for the season, their Twitter account is still going strong as it tries — bless its heart — to make the best of a bad situation.

As such, here are the saddest tweets from the Avalanche account that showcase just how horrible their season was.

The team asked Glennon to attend their draft party on the club level at Solider Field, according to the Chicago Tribune. Glennon, of course, showed up. But he had no idea that the team was going to trade up to draft his successor in Trubisky. The Tribune’s Rich Campbell said, Glennon felt as though he had been cheated on, according to people in the know.
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Glennon also wasn’t the only one left in the dark on the deal. Apparently head coach John Fox didn’t know as well. We don’t know what the hell they were doing, an unnamed team executive told CBS Sports’ Jason LaCanfora. It’s all anyone is talking about. It’s really bad between (Bears GM Ryan) Pace and Fox. Fox is fuming about being left in the dark on the trade (for Trubisky). I don’t know anyone who likes their draft.

Pace told reporters on Thursday night via ESPN that the team was still moving forward with Glennon as their starting quarterback. That makes sense, considering the $18.5 million guaranteed they gave him this offseason.