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I once thought the hardest thing about adulthood was putting a Weber grill cover back in place. NowIt’s believing anything that comes out of Roger Goodell’s offices.


Last week the NFL changed the start of the Steelers-Chiefs playoff game from early afternoon to deep into prime time, claiming an ice storm was expected during the day in Kansas City.

Minkah Fitzpatrick, FS, Alabama. Fitzpatrick is the perfect free safety for today’s game, and he’s versatile enough to play center field or come down in the box as needed. His coverage abilities are also good enough to try him at cornerback, and whichever teams drafts him should seriously consider going that route.

This past Sunday he opted out: “We all went outside and enjoyed the warm weather.”

Will he come back to the Steelers? He says he is unsure: “The erosion away from them has begun. That’s what happens when you lose respect and trust in something.”

Dave Myhal is never going back. The Youngstown native and Columbus, Ohio, small-businessman said growing up in Youngstown, families were divided between the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers: “As one of five boys plus my dad, football Sunday was a 50/50 split in my family, everyone was one or the other and everyone was emotionally invested regardless of their team’s record,” he said.

Myhal continued that tradition with his two sons; all three were avid Steelers fans, until yesterday.

With questions also surrounding Andy Dalton and the direction of an offense loaded with star-studded talent, Lewis has plenty of questions to address as he attempts to orchestrate another team makeover that leads to a dramatic rebound in 2018.

They are 8-6 after a 24-16 victory over the Dolphins. Interestingly, the Bills and Ravens both are 8-6 and the Bills have the sixth seed and Ravens seventh. If both teams win out, though, the Ravens will get the final spot on the common-opponents tiebreaker.

When plays are ruled TDs on the field then overturned, normally it is by a thin margin — such as Michael Thomas’ two scores that were called back. He finished with nine catches for 93 yards and one score (24.3 PPR points), but was just inches from 11-132-3, which would have been good for a blockbuster 42.2-point