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Ex-Rams coach Jeff Fisher wants credit for team’s recent success


He is always the locker room with us, practices and games.It’s going to be different for him being that role but I think he’s going to do really well, said.Zach Randolph led the way with 22 points and 13 rebounds as the Grizzlies defeat the 97.

There is also a tongue–cheek Foreword by K, which simply reads, I have nothing more to say.The first is not necessarily the result of the second.some ways I’m still getting over it.Call it a false start.

People are going to say what they want to say,’ he told USA TODAY Sports.Everything is on the platter to say, ‘Go!And teams wait and watch for the next move from the former Heat guard.There is no prediction of the future, especially with sports and players – particularly those who suit up for the Yankees.

Despite the disastrous result, he said he’d try the same thing again.

Carr’s last shot came on a scramble with 39 seconds remaining in the game. He attempted to stretch the ball across the pylon, but fumbled the ball out of the end zone. The Cowboys took possession, and the victory, dropping the Raiders to 6-8.

“We talk about ball security, jumping with two hands, stuff like that … I honestly didn’t think I was going to drop the ball,” Carr said Friday (via “When I took off to jump, in my head I thought it was a touchdown because I knew I had the corner. From a mindset standpoint, looking back, yeah, I want to do something different because we lost. But from making that decision, I always think of it in basketball terms — I’d rather take the last shot and miss it than pass it off and try and do it another way.”

If Carr had played it safe, the Raiders might have reached the end zone on a subsequent play — he’d picked up enough yardage for a first down — or at least had a chance to kick a field goal to tie the score. Then again, hindsight is everything. If Carr scores the touchdown, he’s a hero. He didn’t, which explains why he had to describe his thought process.

Carr said he has no regrets, and he’d try the same thing again … but maybe with more focus on ball security.packers_142_3455c34896b7b7d9-180x180

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