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Stephen Curry poked fun at daughter Riley’s infamous press conference on Family Guy


Shaq Mason Authentic Jersey Warriors star Stephen Curry appeared on Family Guy Sunday and hilariously poked fun at the now infamous press conference that made his daughter Riley an instant star.

The hit comedy show’s main character, Peter Griffin, sat on Curry’s lap during a press conference, where he yawned (just like Riley) and then called out a journalist.

The biggest place you can see that is in his 3-point rate. After taking 42 percent of his shots last season from behind the arc, Allen is taking over 60 percent of this season’s shots there. His efficiency has dipped to just 34 percent from 3-point range, as teams have started to sell out a bit more on his shot. I’d expect that number to rise, but he certainly hasn’t helped himself on the offensive end this year.

Game Marlon Humphrey Jersey Let’s get to the other matter at hand here, as well. Allen has now had three full-blown tripping incidents in the past calendar year. He was suspended for a game, then came back against Boston College and had a flopping-type incident involving his legs again. Simply put, this is stuff NBA teams just aren’t going to want to deal with. It’s not enough to keep him from going undrafted, and on the intangible side, Allen certainly has his positives, like playing hard on every single play. Some people around the league definitely still buy into him as an NBA player. But he needs to get that stuff sorted out and needs to go into interviews with teams with an awfully good answer to prove to them that he can be past the childish stuff once he turns pro. Oh, and he needs to play better to close the year.

This is almost certainly not where Allen saw himself at the beginning of the year, and now he needs to work to regain his standing in basketball circles.

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