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Miguel Cabrera is 34 and signed until he’s in his 40s.


Authentic Mens Cortez Kennedy Jersey So the division is probably out of the question, but what about the two Wild Card spots? The Tigers are only 6.5 games out there, which sounds better, and maybe technically it is, but it’s at least worth noting that there are eight teams between Detroit and the second Wild Card. So even if the Tigers get hot, if one of the teams ahead of them gets hot as well, they’re still likely to miss the post-season.

Add to this that the Tigers have the sixth-oldest roster in baseball, and possibly one of the oldest cores in baseball. Their rotation is led by Justin Verlander (34), Jordan Zimmermann (31) and Michael Fulmer, who at 24 is the rare player who is both young and good. Their bullpen is a collection of almost-30s, but it’s the lineup that should be worrying Tigers fans.
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Miguel Cabrera is 34 and signed until he’s in his 40s. Victor Martinez is 38 with another season on his deal after this one. Although his $12 million team option is affordable enough to be picked up after this season ends, Ian Kinsler is 35. Justin Upton will be 30 next season, but can also opt out of his current deal after this season. The rest of the roster is made up mostly of role players. The end result is a team with not a lot of hope for this season or next.

You’re kidding yourself if you think anyone’s untouchable on the Marlins. Bour would costs plenty in terms of players, but you can bet the Yankees’ brass watched the powerful left-handed hitter go toe-to-toe with Aaron Judge during the Home Run Derby at Marlins Park and left Miami dreaming of what might be possible. Start with a package including Greg Bird and add a couple of mid-level prospects and see whether the Marlins bite.

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