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Blazers’ Jusuf Nurkic out at least two weeks with fractured fibula


The Trail Blazers received crushing news Friday when center Jusuf Nurkic was ruled out for at least two weeks with a non-displaced right leg fibular fracture.

Nurkic, who has been a revelation in Portland since being traded by the Nuggets midseason, underwent an MRI on Friday and will be re-evaluated in two weeks. He will miss the remainder of the regular season.

That’s fair, considering Boogie is not a grown person’s name, and saying it in person feels weird and juvenile. But here’s the catch: We call Rivers “Doc,” and that is not his name. He is also not a doctor. He’s told us as such!

Rivers’ real name is Glenn, but according to the Los Angeles Times, the only people who called him that were his mother and Pat Riley when he was angry. He got his nickname from former Marquette assistant coach Rick Majerus because Rivers was wearing a Dr. J (Julius Irving) shirt at basketball camp.

Nicknames are fun. Doc is a cooler name than Glenn, and we’ve grown accustomed to calling him that.

So this is ironic, Glenn. If you’re not going to call DeMarcus by his nickname, then he should be allowed to call you Glenn, Glenn.

Just take a look at the following possession. The Celtics begin the quarter with Thomas, Smart, Terry Rozier, Gerald Green and Kelly Olynyk, each of whom are capable 3-point shooters that are comfortable putting the ball on the floor against closeouts. With the Trail Blazers focused on cutting off lanes to the basket for Thomas, Olynyk makes them pay by popping to the 3-point line when Thomas comes off of the screen.

Now that they’ve established Olynyk as a shooting threat, Thomas can then make Meyers Leonard pay for standing in no man’s land by attacking the basket on the ensuing possession.steelers_106

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