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NFL trade rumors: Pats trade first-, third-round pick for Saints’ Brandin Cooks


The Patriots made yet another curious offseason move on Friday, reportedly trading their first- and third-round picks for Saints wide receiver Brandin Cooks.

According to ESPN, New England offered their No. 32 and No. 103 picks for Cooks and New Orleans’ fourth-round pick (No. 118) of the 2017 NFL Draft.
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It was originally reported that the Saints wanted a mid first-round pick for Cooks — himself a first-rounder in the 2014 NFL Draft — and that the Patriots’ offer of their No. 32 draft choice wasn’t enough to seal a trade between the teams. It seems New England circumvented that problem by adding their third-rounder to the deal.

A weight bonus isn’t unheard of. The Patriots gave hefty defensive lineman Vince Wilfork $60,000 during each of the five weigh-in sessions he had for the Patriots back in 2014, according to the Boston Globe. Teams want their players in prime condition, so bonuses are a nice incentive for them to stay in shape.

Joe Maddon Authentic Jersey The Packers reportedly had an opposite strategy for Lacy in which they would fine him for not being the correct weight. Both strategies are similar, but maybe earning more money is a better motivator for Lacy than losing it.

We’re going to get him in great shape. We’re going to show him at his very best, Carroll said Tuesday on a Seattle radio show. There’s a weight in there that’s a really good spot for him that he’s working toward and we’ll do a nice job with that.

Carroll also made some comparisons between Lacy and Marshawn Lynch in the sense they can both finish runs. The Seahawks coach clearly is happy with his big back but will work on him losing just a little bit of weight in the several months leading up to the regular season.

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