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White Sox prospect lights up radar gun with 110-mph heater


Elite Justin Braun Jersey This should get White Sox fans excited about spring training even if Chris Sale is long gone.

One of the prospects Chicago acquired in the offseason blockbuster, Michael Kopech, scorched a 110-mph pitch during a workout Tuesday.

In the weeks before, Murphy sent a DVD of It’s a Long Way to October to everyone who planned to attend. That was a primer for a screening over lunch at the Omni, with live commentary from Murphy, Niekro, Garber, third baseman Bob Horner, catcher Bruce Benedict and broadcaster Van Wieren.

It’s fun to look at. Not only what happened, but the clothes, the hair, the ’80s, Murphy said. I think an argument could be made that it documents part of the cultural history of the Braves and Atlanta and Ted Turner and TBS in a really unique way.

For fans, it allows the memories from the season to be more about the journey than the destination.

We finished just kind of blah, Murphy said. 鈥?To see some of the lighter side of things, to see some of the ups and downs, helped people forget about (the playoff sweep) and say, Hey, that was a pretty exciting year.’

For players, the program helps preserve details and memories slowly seeping into the past.

The older you get, the more you’re removed 鈥?the more you appreciate it, Murphy said of the 1982 season. I’m thankful they did it.

Elite Connor McDavid Jersey The consensus among players is that the season’s drama only enhanced the intent of the documentary: to show fans the normally unseen aspects of baseball life.

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