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Don’t be surprised if Eli Manning doesn’t help out young Giants QBs


The Giants selected quarterback Davis Webb in the third round of this month’s NFL Draft, but the rookie may not get a lot of help from teammate Eli Manning.

While Manning may end up helping Webb’s development, Giants coach Ben McAdoo made it clear he’s under no obligation to do so. Speaking Tuesday night while receiving the John V. Mara Sportsman of the Year award, McAdoo said he’s not expecting Manning to help his competition.

“Eli needs to do his job, he needs to focus on getting ready to go out and play at a high level this year and be a good teammate like he always is,” McAdoo said, via the New York Post. “I’m sure the young guy is going to have some questions for him, but it’s not Eli’s job to get anybody ready to play this season and it’s not Eli’s job to go out and develop another quarterback. That’s not his job description. His job is to prepare and perform.”
This talk is a reminder of the relationship between Packers quarterbacks Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. Having a future Hall-of-Fame talent would seem like a nice idea, but Rodgers made it clear he didn’t really get a chance to pick Favre’s brain. As Favre said at different times, it wasn’t his job to help Rodgers.

The comparison is also relevant because McAdoo was part of the coaching staff in Green Bay as this was going on. Rodgers was brought in ahead of the 2005 season, and McAdoo was hired in 2006 as a tight ends coach.

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